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Floods 2002

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In the week starting 12th August 2002 the racecourse at Velka Chuchle was hit by the most extensive floods in more than a hundred-year history of the course. This main Czech racecourse founded in 1906 has survived two world wars, huge fire of stables, a series of „smaller“ floods and more other problems mostly connected with changes of political systems in the country. But this summer events have beaten all previous troubles. Swollen waters of Vltava and Berounka rivers have caused cataclysm. Fortunately, all horses boxed here were safely transported to various other racecourses. The flood warnings in media were mentioning the town district of Velka Chuchle mainly in connection with culminating water level of Vltava River but horse-race lovers and promoters felt that their Mecca is endangered. When the water has subsided the devastated area of Velka Chuchle racecourse has finally reappeared. Damages on the property have beaten even the darkest expectations.

In order to keep the 2002 season going, all races planned to take place at Chuchle racecourse were moved to other racecourses within the country. The Jockey Club, the main authority of horseracing sport in Czech Republic, had to be moved from the premises in grand stand to alternative offices.

The racecourse was re-opened in the spring 2003.