Upravit stránku

Odds for Czech derby 2017

Winner of October's Prague Winter Favourite Stakes, unbeaten in two starts Black Canyon and twice in France raced Stellar Speed are 9:1 favourites among 43 entered horses of 97th Czech derby, which will be run on June 25 at Prague-Velká Chuchle racecourse. Winner and the second of (Hipodrom Most) Winter Favourite Stakes, last year's juvenille champion Zock and half-brother of listed winner from France My Old Husband and classic winner from the Czech Republic and Slovakia (The 1000 Gns) Dumnonia Dominique are 11:1 another chances, followed by winner of Dr. Gersch Memorial Stakes Sir Sun and two unraced sons of Galileo Aeneas and Flames of Horeb with odds 16:1.

Betting offer HERE (click on "Dlouhodobé sázky"). Betting is possible on all racedays at racecourses in the Czech Republic.